Young Love

The peace of a cool summer night,

a few clouds and a dark blue sky,

a gentle breeze kisses her skin.

A lone light.

Crunch crunch, as she walks across the mulch

she breathes in the moisture of the air.

As the wind pushes through her hair,

a small shiver.

Her heart and mind rest as she walks through the night.

She feels her love resonating into the world.

A feeling of peace washes over her,

the light flickers.

Her heart stops and she runs.

Breathlessly she steps into the light.

A flicker flicker

and she drops to her knees.

Her heart races,

but her body still.

She looks up and the light takes her.

She vanishes.

A lone light shines bright.

And for a single endless moment the whole world lights up.

Then the light flickers once more,


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