Into the Ocean

And into the ocean, I ran into you.

You filled my lungs with you overbearing saltiness. The warmth of your waters caressing my skin as I drown in you. Then I am coughing once again gasping for air. “I learned my lesson,” I tell myself. But when your waves reach my feet resting in the sand I feel that warmth, that comfort and home I had found within you.

And into the ocean, I ran into you.

With the result of a confused kind of love growing deeper than the depth of your very being. I fell in love with every crash, tumble, and current, which struck me harder than anything else imaginable. Each time I came out more breathless and desperate to be apart of you. I’m coughed up the memories, which cooled once they hit the air, but the warmth remained deep in my body and soul, permanently there, leaving a craving, an addiction, for more.

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