it’s so dark.

The air’s moist and smells of sweat,

but not a single scent of regret.

The feeling lingers

with marks and scratches from his fingers.


I, I taste blood.

But the flavor of his skin remains

in my mouth which he stole and claimed.

And I swallow,

then realize my lungs are hollow.


just breathe.

I choke down air

now that his hands aren’t there.

Now he’s gone

and I no longer have to play along.


my vision blurred.

But I still could see his face

as he threw me down into this place.

I am lost.

I was someone’s opportunity cost.


they just left.

Then I was all alone with him

and the room felt of grim.

Then it began

as he held me down with his hands.


What now?!

Forever a victim of rape.

with trauma I can’t escape.

And scars

which will never be mentioned in the memoirs.