An Addiction to Silence

“You know you can always talk to me,” as if he were Jesus ready to forgive all my sins. My voice vibrating in my throat, beating, torturing, and nailing him up, but no sound left my mouth for I wouldn’t allow it. “You can talk to me,” as if telling someone “you know you can stop poppin’ pills and snorting that good stuff my dude.” Addiction is not simply overturned and an addiction to silence is no different. Sometimes words are much better left unsaid, because sometimes words are much worse once they have left the head. Sometimes talking is like someone stranded in a desert praying for the heat to stop. It does not solve the problem and it just wastes time down to death. Yes, I can talk to you, but even after the words remain lingering on eardrums, the thoughts will remain just as treacherous and fatal.