I, an open vessel

wait to be filled.

I lower the floodgates

and you pour your love into me

causing my love for you to overflow

back into you.

Pouring and pouring,

but we never empty.

I am filled by you,

by every piece of you,

by every emotion you speak and feel.

I am overwhelmed but calm,

a little scared,

but you make me feel safe.

I, a poet

rarely find the aspiration

to write a love poem.

I write when a feeling becomes too much,

too much to contain inside myself.

You are too much for me to contain inside myself.

I need you to be free.

I need you to pour out of me,

onto keyboards and into books.

I need the world to know:

how loved you made me feel in this exact moment,

how inspiring you are.

You are my muse for love.

When I think of you I get excited about the idea of it.

The Passionate Kiss

The dark blue sky broken by the shining pearl. A subtle mist floated in front of the glow. You could almost see a slight tint of gray in the dark sky. Her body chilled under the moonlight. She looked over and examined how the glow reflected across his face. His upper lip softly resting on his bottom lip. His face so relaxed and peaceful. A light breeze pushed through the blades of grass and through her hair. Her body shivered and she wrapped the quilt her Grandmother had made her around herself more tightly. He looked over when he felt her movement. He smiled and moved closer, putting his arm around her. She snuggled up against him. Her body relaxed. Her mind drifted into deep thought. This is it. This is my happiness. This is all I need. This is all I want. She rested her head against his chest. She listened to his heart beat. This is my love. This is my home. This is my everything. She sat up and stared into his eyes. Overwhelmed with emotion a tear suddenly slid down her cheek. He pulled her arm gently; this was his way of asking her to move into his lap. She moved her leg over his and sat in his lap so they were now face to face. He wiped away her tear and asked, “What’s wrong love”. She paused for a second. Tears cascaded down her face and she kissed him passionately. She wrapped her fingers into his hair and forced his head closer. He tightened his arms around her and sunk deeply into the kiss. She gently pulled away and looked into his eyes again. His eyes still showing concern, she smiled and said, “Nothing is wrong. I love you so much. Thank you for being mine”.

Young Love

The peace of a cool summer night,

a few clouds and a dark blue sky,

a gentle breeze kisses her skin.

A lone light.

Crunch crunch, as she walks across the mulch

she breathes in the moisture of the air.

As the wind pushes through her hair,

a small shiver.

Her heart and mind rest as she walks through the night.

She feels her love resonating into the world.

A feeling of peace washes over her,

the light flickers.

Her heart stops and she runs.

Breathlessly she steps into the light.

A flicker flicker

and she drops to her knees.

Her heart races,

but her body still.

She looks up and the light takes her.

She vanishes.

A lone light shines bright.

And for a single endless moment the whole world lights up.

Then the light flickers once more,


A Happy Poem For Once

Smooth lips soft to the touch

Shining teeth and your smile is just too much

My dimples show then I bite my lip

One smile and my heart’s on a trip

I feel free; I feel safe

When I’m within your space

Blessing me with you being

Now I am finally seeing

How it feels to be in love

And to know this is something I won’t give up

Your eyes light up my soul

And your love makes me feel whole

Yes I am broken

But every piece of me has awoken

And joined itself together within your arms

Because this is the only place I am safe from harm

You see yourself as cruel and sadistic

But in my eyes you are altruistic

The devil is an angel too

My love so are you

Your skin touches mine

And the demons leave for the time

I look into you eyes

And baby I can’t summarize

The way my heart soars

And how with each passing moment I love you more

And oh my God your voice

If I could only hear one thing it would my choice

When I am with you nothing else matters

All the problems in the world shatter

And in that moment I can finally be open; put all my walls down

Because I know you will always be around

To love me

To care for me

For once I can be okay

And even happy for a day