I, an open vessel

wait to be filled.

I lower the floodgates

and you pour your love into me

causing my love for you to overflow

back into you.

Pouring and pouring,

but we never empty.

I am filled by you,

by every piece of you,

by every emotion you speak and feel.

I am overwhelmed but calm,

a little scared,

but you make me feel safe.

I, a poet

rarely find the aspiration

to write a love poem.

I write when a feeling becomes too much,

too much to contain inside myself.

You are too much for me to contain inside myself.

I need you to be free.

I need you to pour out of me,

onto keyboards and into books.

I need the world to know:

how loved you made me feel in this exact moment,

how inspiring you are.

You are my muse for love.

When I think of you I get excited about the idea of it.