Frost Bite

Inhale and exhale slow cool breathes. My lips part as the air glides through my lips to become visible. The air bites at my skin and the snow burns it. I try to wiggle my toes and nothing. I look at my hands which are starting to blacken. The tingling in my legs is slowly fading. I try to swallow, but find that my saliva has worn thin. My body is slowly quitting on me and each passing moment I feel less. I manage to tilt my head back so I can look at the night sky. I slide so that less of my back is against the light post, but now my head’s at least supported. The light dimly shines on me and I do my best to maneuver so that I can see the stars. Snowflakes fall over my body and I blink away one that lands on my eyelash. My body no longer trembles and I rest on the ground waiting as my body freezes. My heart rate is slowing and my breathing faint. My eyelids become heavy and I watch as the starlight turns into nothingness.

Young Love

The peace of a cool summer night,

a few clouds and a dark blue sky,

a gentle breeze kisses her skin.

A lone light.

Crunch crunch, as she walks across the mulch

she breathes in the moisture of the air.

As the wind pushes through her hair,

a small shiver.

Her heart and mind rest as she walks through the night.

She feels her love resonating into the world.

A feeling of peace washes over her,

the light flickers.

Her heart stops and she runs.

Breathlessly she steps into the light.

A flicker flicker

and she drops to her knees.

Her heart races,

but her body still.

She looks up and the light takes her.

She vanishes.

A lone light shines bright.

And for a single endless moment the whole world lights up.

Then the light flickers once more,