Time and Time and Time Again (a lyric poem)

I told you time and time again,

“depressed girls just don’t fit in.”

And every single day I live

I think of just ending it.


You told me time and time again,

“in my arms you fit right in.

Baby let me see you smile

I promise life is worth while.”


Then at night I am alone,

not in your arms; I am not home.

“Please come save me from myself;

I swear those pills are calling from my shelf.”


When at night you are alone

without me you don’t feel home.

You call me “please baby

I am here just talk to me.”


“The demons are screaming in my head

they keep asking why aren’t I dead.

Time and time and time again

I tell them I fit in.”


“That’s good love I’m proud of you.

What else did you do?

Come on hun talk to them.

Prove to them they cannot win.”


“Babe I told you time and time again

that they will forever win.

I told you I love you,

but myself I never do.”


“Love please don’t talk like this;

I promise we can fix this.

Babe I love you too.

Stay strong; I’ll help you.”


“I’m sorry, I just can’t.

I give in, no more chance.

I love you so much my dear,

the last words of my voice you’ll hear.”


“Baby please don’t go.

I need you; you are my home.

Baby please respond to me

or has you soul left me?”