Love isn’t all

My eyes lit up in the dark,

only turning the light on to leave my own marks.

As if a cut will remove all the hate in my body

suck the venom from my veins.

But my brain manufactures every pain,

sending tears down my face

and keeping me stuck in this place.

As my soul continues to rot to nothing:

nothing more than a dead body buried 6 feet under,

nothing more than ashes sprinkled in the air.

My death spreading more and more despair.

And when my he whispers to me,

calling upon my ghostly presence:

“I loved you and I cared

and baby I was always there.”

I will say “I’m sorry,

but your love couldn’t fix me.”

He always told me heĀ loved me.

The word “love” seeping through my damaged heart,

reminding me of how broken I was each time I fell apart in his arms.

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