I Miss You (a lyric poem)

I miss you,

every single day,

even single night.

Without you I,

I can flap my winds

but I can’t fuckin’ fly.

But damn baby,

I swear if I could,

I’d be by your side.

I miss you;

whenever you’re gone,

it just don’t feel right.

I need you.

Why does my bed feel so empty tonight?

My minds fucked up

and I need you

to hold me real tight.

I miss you

and you heartbeat talkin’ to me.

Sayin’ clam down.

Come on slow your breaths

please try baby.

You feel that?

Feel that in your chest,

that’s hope beating.

And baby when…

And baby when the sun dried up the rainforest into a desert, I walked amongst the remains thinking of you. When the ocean swallowed the mountains, I swam in the waters wanting you. When a black hole devoured the galaxy, my body floated in the nothingness hoping for you. And baby when the impossible was done, I had you. Now I question, when the rain regrows the forest, the ocean spits out the mountains, the galaxy is freed from the darkness, and I am left, will you be mine still.

You Stayed

On the side watching your friend in pain,

they see the world in only gray.

Listening to everything they say that’s insane,

and sometimes you don’t know what to say.


Having to see your best friend cry,

trying to comfort them.

Hearing them say they want to just die,

they break, they fall, like a broken stem.


Even though it hurts you inside

you listen to their cry for help.

Even though you know you’ve tried

you continue to listen to their yelp.


You watch them rot away

like an apple core.

You tell them tomorrow’s a new day

they say you’ve said that before.


This goes on for months or years;

the depression may fade.

After sitting with them and shedding those tears

they know you care because you stayed.