Drowning in Blue

Dangerous blues,

tormenting eyes,

a wet


which was told lies: “I love you”. A cold


awaiting death. She poisoned my heart

with sugar lips and false happiness. My chest a blue

cavern. My insides hollow and cold.

I think of her eyes

and a tear runs down my face.

A salty taste between my wet

lips. Soaking wet,

like my drowning heart.

Sinking in the image of her face,

in her enthralling blue


Her waters unbearably cold,

overflowing from my chest. Pouring from my cold



dripping waters to the rhythm of my heart.

My heart beat until it was made of only purples and blues.

The beat of Blues music so sweet, so sorrow. No sugar smile left on my face.

I’m haunted at the thought of her face,

at how it brings me pain on cold

vibrant blue

nights. The air wet 

quivering with longing, a moisture made of my heart’s

regrets: “I love you too”. The night’s twinkling eyes

see how she hurt me. They know that her lies, her eyes,

are something I cannot bare to face.

Her words rockin’ me to sleep with sugar sweet lullalies. This heart-

ache never ends. Make her stop singing! The cold

snow falling around me. I’m being buried in this frozen wetness

that I cannot escape from. Staring up at blue

memories filled with sorrows and sympathetic twinkling eyes. Cold

whiteness layering on my face. Engulfed by a wet

burning sensation until I feel nothing; my body frozen blue.

“I love you”….. her singing stops.