Hellish Heart

My heart feels like the soil beneath a body filled casket

Constantly pressed down and pushed upon

With a constant question circling but I haven’t yet asked it

What went wrong


It seems that things can only linger in this state of mind

Like nothing can be solved or discovered

The same thoughts get stuck on rewind

But no solutions ever uncovered


My heart feels like the stomach of a girl who became addicted to self starvation

The sharp exhausting pains are constant

But it compares not to my lack of mental stabilization

Which tells me food is unimportant


My stomach begs me to nourish myself

But I can’t stomach a bite

Because my brain says you might as well kill yourself

If you eat anything tonight


My heart feels like exploding into a thousands shards of glass

Ripping, shredding, and cutting any body that is near

Leaving blood and ruins in its path

With screams that continue to echo in my ear


But those screams sound like a light breeze

Bringing relief on a hot Summer day

Except the heat didn’t bother me

And my death and the pain only made me gay


My heart reflects the sunlight

Other parts drenched in blood

But all of it no longer fights

And all of me has finally given up


The blood on my shards is red

And it all is surround by the heat

My father claims me now that I’m dead

He takes all the souls he defeats

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