Bleeding in your name

He told me he loved me

And when I turned away he ran to me

Dropped to his knees in front of me and said he was sorry

Grabbed me and pulled me close to him

Buried his face into my stomach

Pleaded for my love

Pleaded for me to not give up on him

And the blood began dripping from my wrists

My hand is his hair trying to comfort him

I watched as it seeped into his hair

I dropped to my knees

I pulled him close and held him

But I felt nothing 

I watched the blood stain his clothes

He told me he loves me

I said nothing 

He opened his eyes 


Began wrapping one arm in his shirt

He cried

And I raised my hand to his cheek to comfort him

Caressed it

“I love for you”

“I hurt for you”

“I bleed for you”

He held me in his arms

And I closed my eyes

I felt nothing

And soon after I was nothing

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